About Me

Hey I'm Oliver!

Who I am

I'm a Software and Cloud Architect, currently working in finance.

The languages I regularly work with include:

  • JavaScript / TypeScript
  • Rust
  • Go

My Journey

I started programming ~20 years ago, at the age of 12, when I discovered a book about assembly that my father had. I was so curious about how to make games, that I spent day and night finding out how to do it, playing around with assembly. I'd say that this wasn't the time that I truly fell in love with programming, but I liked how I could create things out of thin air, by putting in instructions, into a text editor, and then letting magic happen.

In high school, I had the awesome chance to learn more about Computer Science and got the opportunity to refine my skills with Delphi Pascal.

Soon after, I played around with C and C++, learned about C#, wrote applications in VBA for Microsoft Access, and discovered Java.

My first real commercial application was actually created using VBA and Microsoft Access (and is still in production nowadays). It was a logistics application, replacing a really old UNIX-style program that was used to create freight documents, track deliveries, and more for a logistics company.

I'm a true lover of JavaScript and Rust and really admire Go for its simplicity.

Most of the time, I use TypeScript nowadays and use Rust compiled to WASM for performance-critical parts of any application.

What You Can Expect From Me

A lot of JavaScript and TypeScript related stuff, CS basics, a deep dive into libraries and frameworks, with some other languages like Rust mixed in.

I love to dive deep into runtimes and specs to truly understand how a language or framework I use works. Especially JavaScript is a very good candidate, as it is usually seen as being really quirky, while in reality, it is very well defined what happens in which scenario.